Chubster Bakery

 Chubster Humphrey

About Us:

We love desserts; pretty much any dessert.  And we’ve tried nearly every dessert around.  Every cookie.  Every brownie.  Every dessert bar.  And while we’ve had some pretty damn good desserts, we have to admit that many of them lacked a little something.  But not at Chubster.  Our goal is to prepare the most delicious desserts around using the highest quality, freshest ingredients available.  To make the kind of dessert you go out of your way to have.  Not the afterthought you grab with your coffee at the corner coffee shop, but the reason you go to that coffee shop to begin with.   The kind of dessert you look forward to.  Only delivered right to your door…

The Chubster:
We also love bulldogs; pretty much any bulldog.  But we especially love Humphrey, our beefy little English bulldog.  He’d probably like to try every dessert in town too, but instead concentrates his energies on snoozing and sunbathing.  He’s our little Chubster.  And this bakery is for him.